pic: Atlanta Welcomes Us!

One of the banners hanging on light poles in downtown Atlanta.

Wow, that is awesome, to have a city behind you. That adds to the whole experience just that much more.

I’m seriousy giving myself a kick in the *** this year for not attending =( looks like this year is seriously gonna be awesome and really competetive, Hopefully watching the webcasts will make the sadness go away a lil bit and shed some hope on me going next year - Darn this work schedule =(

On a more positive note its good to see city like atlanta hang banners like this kinda pumps the teams that much more =)

After 6 weeks of building, and nearly 2 months of competing just 2 days will decide how competitive teams can really get. My eyes will be watching the webcast (and Broadcast if available) the whole time. Good Luck Teams !

One year, I will have to attend… will probably be after Uni though, so a while yet…

Not only did they have those up, but there was one lonely person holding a “Welcome FIRST Participants” sign at Hartsfield when we came in yesterday afternoon.

From that, I can only expect more great things.

What this picture doesn’t show is that these signs are EVERYWHERE in the downtown area. It’s a hoot.

There’s even such a sign at the Chick-Fil-A in PeachTree Center.

I was sure happy and a little stunned to see those “Atlanta Welcomes” signs all over the downtown streets. That was definitely a step in the right direction for my town. Thanks for posting your pic Jeffrafa.


This morning our team went down to the Peachtree center to get some of the signs, but it is closed on Sundays, so on the way to the subway station we tried to figure out how to get one off of a ligh post.

thanks for getting a picture of this! I didn’t have time to get one :frowning:

You couldn’t find anybody to ask about it so you deviced a plan to steal one?

I’m sure he was joking… If they have ever tried such a thing… (Shifty eyes)

Then they would know that it is rather embarassing to be caught…:ahh:

Those banners are kinda on the expensive side… as in around $2000 a piece… :eek: Taking a paperboard poster may be condoneable, but stealing a banner worth two grand is another.

BTW, Did anyone else really notice how the banners did not include dates? Since the cost of purchasing these banners would be prohibitive if they were only to be used for three days, the dates were purposely left out. I’ll almost guarantee it that FIRST is going to return to Atlanta for the Championships for the foreseeable (10 years) future. :cool:

That was very nice

Did anyone manage to score any of the “Atlanta welcomes FIRST” buttons a lot of the airport and hotel employees were wearing? I got three from the reservationist at the Marriott Marquis. They had boxes of them in the back…

I was quite impressed by these professional gestures. My opinion of the whole Atlanta experience was elevated this past weekend. Thanks to FIRST and the city itself for all of the hard work they do to improve the quality of the event for teams each year.

atlanta welcomed us as well as the homeless, it was so sad/scary, walking out of your hotel, and have about 3 people watch you walk down the street. i for one had to put my class ring, and my wallet in my front pocket whenever i was on the street

I am happy to hear that almost everyone had a great time but sorry to hear about the experiences of “ahirsch2589”. Our team walked to and from the dome daily from the Hyatt and as far as I know encountered nothing like Adam did.


yeah, we were travelling to a dunkin doughnuts, and one of the 2 other people i was travelling with decided to buy a dozen doughnuts for the rest of the team. it wasnt the best neighborhood, and we were getting stared down, and someone apporached us and gave us a sob story. since i didnt feel like getting mugged i gave him the 2 bucks i had in my pocket, cause i didnt feel like pulling out my wallet…