pic: attachment chain tread

These look interesting, I would just be worried about the ability to transmit torque as they are just plastic, although if they could handle the loads. The weight of these would be really beneficial.

With these it would be also necessary for the center idler to be offset to allow turning, as the rubber would provide too much traction on it’s own.

In 2002, we made a full set (2 sides) of a chain / tank drive. We used chain with the angle attachment on each side of each link, bent aluminum plate, and had about .75 x 1 wide metal treads. We attached each of these small plates to the roller chain with a tiny nut and bolt.

We purchased the fully assembled chain, but made the treads.

It sounded awesome when it ran, but it chewed up carpet and was incredibly heavy - it never made it onto the robot.

I think we have a bit of it in the lab - if i can find a section i will post it.