pic: Autonomous Control Sample

This is like a GUI for our autonomous code.

In this sample it's generating Kevin Watson's code, but now it's generating the code that we'll actually use.

It was made using C#, we made it possible because Microsoft sent in the kit Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003.

We can control the Robot using the keyboard or we can use the GUI to make the robot walk, wait, turn and even more and see the results in the Arena.

The robot is been draw in the correct size in comparison to the arena, so that we can be sure of where it's heading, it's fully tested and working, it's amazing to see the robot doing the same thing on the computer and the arena!

Sorry, I didn't have time to translate the software to English, it's half translated

This is really neat, I hope to see a white paper or a release of the software some time.


I didn’t release the source because most of it’s variables and comments are in Potuguese, and I didn’t have time to translate it, but i’ll as soon as I can.


that seems so cool!

Team 1351

This is really cool. So user friendly :yikes: