pic: Average 20 ft. Ceiling


Just in time for the snow…


Make sure you have something on that roof to hang lots of banners from!

Looks great Richard. Awesome job getting this space to happen for your team (and for some others in your area to use as well I’m sure).


oof, that’s a lot of envy I’m feeling.


Meanwhile at our school, where our school district stole our sink after we installed it ourselves because we got tired of waiting for them to install it…


This could be the funniest thing I have read all day.


Depends what the sink is for, and how much “fun” you want to have with the school district. If it’s for washing shop debris off of hands before eating dinner, the best move is now to play the “angry parents at school board meeting” card, preferably with recording for in case the real trump card has to be played. Making sure that there’s a health and safety concern pointed out, too…


The entire thing was ridiculous. Here are some other School District shenanigans from the past few months:

  • Told us we couldn’t use the pnuematic airlines we installed for our machines until it was inspected. They took 2-3 weeks to inspect it.
  • Confiscated our CNC router computer suddenly, without telling us or so much as leaving a note to say they took it. We legitimately though it might have been stolen. They needed to “format” it. Doing this consisted of wiping the hardrive, and of course they didn’t back up any of the files. We didn’t lose much, but we easily could have.
  • Took 4 weeks to install and “format” our new CAD workstations after we put in a request to have them installed. Meanwhile our CAD team of 6 kids plus a mentor had to share 2 laptops. We pretty much lost a month of fall training. The only reason we got that process speed up was because I know someone in the IT department, and convinced him to come in on his break to help us out.
  • Speaking of the CAD laptops, one of them had what we thought was a district Admin password on it, which prevented us from being able to install any new programs on it. We gave it to the IT department, and it took them 2 weeks determine that the admin password was infact not theirs, before giving it back. During this time our CAD team only had one computer.

I am SO GLAD we got our 501c Non-profit up and running so they can’t mess up our finances any more like they have this year with our buildroom and computers.


Ouch, that really stinks, best of luck to ya!


Wow you guys are having a rough time dealing with your school. I wish you the best of luck through this coming season with your school!


20 ft! Should be good even for most shooting games.


Yeah it’s been a hassle. Sorry for detailing this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries on that. The playing field is not level. Your team’s experiences spotlight the differing environments that the FIRST community has to contend with. Santa Barbara county is not Michigan, or New Hampshire, or Texas. It even differs from several other parts of Cali, I imagine. (Note: I did live in California several decades ago, and I am certain that the communities I remember have changed quite a bit.)

At least our concrete slab is pretty close to level. We look forward to having the neighbors* over for some friendly robot driving, soon.

*Looking at you, 1940, 2474, 2767, 2959, 3452, 4237, 4325, 4409, 5056, 5182, 5462, 5535, 6627, and any others within easy driving distance that I might have left out.


I dunno. I’d have asked for walls, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, seriously: Very nice to have the community and administration recognize how very important experiential-based STEM education is for the future of the [strike]country[/strike] world.


Walls? We won’t be needing walls for at least a week!


As someone who has bounced wiffles off ot 12 foot rafters, and had to hang ubertubes between the overhead lights… I am super jealous, but not as jealous as anyone that has had to remove a ceiling tile to test the 8 foot extendable tower…


Drop ceilings are the devil’s work!


And even worse when a school decides to put a drop ceiling IN THE GYM


Ours weren’t too bad ever since our 2014 robot disassembled most of the tiles and got them out of the way. The school fixed it this summer though, so they might get in the way again.


Walls are going up. Webcam.

Just in time, too. Snow is coming, Friday.


Awesome that you are getting this new space. I love to see schools getting behind this program. You going to be in for build or moving in during build? We moved into ours last year in August. Deceided we wanted to live in it a year to make sure we knew how we wanted everything. Have to say we were pretty close from the git go and still cant get over how nice it is to have