pic: Average Bellypan

3620 is going for a clean look down low. We like these EVO shifters!

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That’s an interesting back wheel setup.

Looks good…just curious as to the combination of drive belts and chain.


Looks great! Can’t wait to see it run.


We only did six wheels but we have the same arrangement. Fascinating, I wonder how common it will be this year. Looks great!

I really like the organizer wall you have in the background for all the wheels, gears, belts, etc. Super convenient!

Can’t wait to see you guys at Midwest. Curious to see what drove the back wheel setup.

Thanks! The gear/belt wall started as a prank, but has since evolved into something useful.

The Average Joes are really looking forward to our Chicago trip. This will be our first ever non-CMP out-of-state event. Also my first time back to Midwest since 2010. I’ve been talking up your home regional to my team for years, and now this is the year. :slight_smile:

Our set up is not unique. Time will tell if it does what we want it to. :wink: