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So, the Average Joes and Joebots have broken ground for a new robotics building. It will host FRC and FTC for our school district, including practice areas for both programs. The 100’ x 70’ new building will occupy most of our former parking lot, and will connect to our school’s existing Career and Technical Education wing.

Will post updates as the construction moves forward.


Nice! My team is raising money to do something similar. Keep us posted on the progress.

Out of curiosity, do you have an estimated timeline for completion? What do you expect it to cost (for the structure at least)? And what kind of structure are you building?

We’re looking into building what amounts to a glorified 60’x80’ pole barn (insulated, of course), but I’m always interested to know what other teams have done for their own workspaces. :slight_smile:


There has also been a lot of talk about building a facility similar to that in Lapeer, MI. It has been imaged as a multi room structure. There would be a community machine shop, and 5 or so separate rooms for any team looking for a building facility in Lapeer county. All of these would lead to a practice field in the center of the building in which all teams could work on auton and hold scrims against each other. Sadly this was my final year on the team so I won’t be there to experience the planning/building of the structure, but I am excited to see what they do in the future.


With air conditioning? :rolleyes:

There’s always the option to come back as a mentor! :wink:


Yes there will be air conditioning :rolleyes: :o
I also will be attending Michigan Tech. up in South Canada so I could help out 5460 in the summer. During school I plan on helping team 857 as much as I can.


Congrats! Our team is investigating getting a community field somewhere. Lots of work and cost! Congrats!


Nice on the groundbreaking. After moving this year, I can tell that amount of space would be very good, maybe ideal, for my team. We have to compromise a bit with a little more than half that space, but I’m very happy with the room the school is providing us, likely on a permanent basis. Also, as I see it we are adjacent to other spaces that if we are successful might become available, so that is a long-term goal.

Also, I’ve been working in our new space over the summer, including some days topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and we have no air conditioning. So it is a bit funny to see the talk of air conditioning in Michigan, where the average summer temperatures are 10 degrees cooler. Between the old and new building, the new one has very good insulation, which keeps the building fairly comfortable (we still use some fans to circulate the air a little and the air can get a little humid at times). The building does have heat for build season.


The real question is does it have Heating in the winter?! Michigan winters can be brutal


True Story: we actually investigated what it would cost to put in-floor heating in when we build ours, for exactly this reason (might be more efficient too, given the type of structure). :rolleyes:


Your contractor has good taste in construction equipment.


whoo woo whoo woo whoo woo whoo woo


Few times, they’ve been around that track.


Thanks! We will post more pictures as the project moves forward.

The design is a pre-engineered steel frame; basically five I-beam trusses spaced at 20 ft. intervals, spanning the full building width. No poles.

Air conditioning and heating are in the plan, using roof-mounted air handlers.

Entrances: at the back include a large overhead door, in the front (facing the street) for student drop-off and pick-up, and to the existing building at the shop doors.


Former parking lot? If a single parking space is harmed for the benefit of a program on my campus there would be a riot.


Checks out.


Most construction in parking lots, especially by public agencies and service businesses, in my experience have been associated with new parking lots (where there is acreage), a parking garage (where there isn’t), or a taller parking garage (where there hasn’t been for some time). OK, one construction project at Stennis Space Center brought a vanpool program; it didn’t catch on quickly enough and they eventually built another lot.


You have my sympathy. Part of my youth was mis-spent in SoCal. During much of that I bicycled to work and avoided parking issues. Once I rented an apartment in Hermosa Beach, specifically because it had a gated underground parking garage. One of the pop songs on the radio back then proclaimed “nobody walks in L.A.”

OTOH, here in our sleepy little community of 12,000 or so, on the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan, we have a beautiful beach that I think rivals those of SoCal – for a few months a year. The rest of the time it resembles Antarctica. Parking spaces are at a premium during basketball games, and at our FiM District FRC event, and concerts, and a few other times each year. However, at a big-picture level our parking situation is nothing like yours.

Anyway, yes, we are sacrificing several parking spaces.


The lot is usually empty as it’s normally used as teacher and faculty only parking. A few students (including myself) have special graces to park back there during the build season so we don’t have to move our cars from the student lot (FIRST world problems…).

I have a strong feeling that administration will not be renewing my parking pass for the 2019 season.


Congrats, it amazes me at the difference between commitment to robotics and STEM in different states. It would take a miracle to get something like this in our part of Illinois. Hence the fact that we are an independent team. Which does have the upside of allowing all students from public and home schooling in our region to join our team.


W00t MTU! Winter Carnaval and BROOMBALL!!!

Also, when you get the chance, join an Enterprise rather than a senior design team.