pic: Average Greengineers -- When Robots Collide

So we got a little out of sync in the endgame, and wound up tightly joined on the scale. It took some finagling to separate our robots after this.

TIL we have a buddy-bar.

Anything’s a buddy bar if you’re brave enough.

I think 3452 was reaching for the real bar, and caught us instead. They have an effective hook, so the catch was good, but we climbed before they did so they ended up under us. Our fault.

No shortage of bravery on Greengineers. I guess we put our metal up there, so we have to expect that our partners might grab it. As Noah said, it might be to our advantage to have a designed Buddy Bar instead of taking chances. :wink:

I personally think a just using the tensioner bar is more entertaining :smiley:

During the rush of end game, we weren’t able to get to the bar before you guys started climbing, we saw a slight gap between the end of your robot and the bar I believe so our drivers went for it, but ended up resulting snagging onto your frame.

Our hook design turned out to be a lot more effective than we thought. It was waterjetted out of titanium and welded by one of our sponsors (completely different than alumimum so I didn’t even get a chance to try welding it myself). We hooked that onto many spots this weekend, never having it fail us, even at one point on the square tubing, hanging on by about 3/8" of an inch. I believe when we did load testing in Solidworks, we can support +450 easily with minimal deflection when using both hooks.

Fun to play with you guys this weekend! Looking forward hopefully to state again this year with you guys.