pic: Average Jig

Whatever can this be for?

For an average jig, that is impressive.

For those of us who did cursory google searches and found nothing, what is an average jig used for?

Def: “A typical average jig is an exemplary jig created by a student in an exploratory welding or woodworking course.”

In case of the Average Joe’s: “An ‘average jig’ is one that is done within impeccable standards that most FRC teams hope to achieve at some point.”

Tongue in cheek for most of this. The OP is from the team ‘Average Joe’s’ - FRC 3620.

That’s pretty good workmanship. I wish our team members had skills as “average” as this one.

Welding Jig for Intake (driven by 550 or 775 motor).


I wish I would have made a jig before welding my teams suspension parts.

Welding Jigs FTW.


A jig for TRI-Star wheel frame.

I suppose it will be awesome at doing Average things …