pic: Average Stack

Stryke Force started it.

Yes they did.

Dang! I wish we hadn’t disassembled or scale! XD

I’m still waiting for someone to post an eight-stack!

We might be able to if we tilted the intake back, but it would be close. Couldn’t move the bot away from the stack without wrecking that TV with power cubes…

Make a 4-stack and put a 4 stack on top of it, think like how some teams stacked in 2015

With this, as long as you have the motor power, an infinite stack is possible. Just Stack It.

To place on the scale, we have to flip the cube through the robot, so no 4x4 stacks. We can stack two by two without flipping ala Recycle Rush

I think we’ve tested our max climb weight (us plus buddy climb) as around 300 pounds off the first stage off of our lift. Since the intake is on the third stage of the cascade, it should theoretically be able to lift around 100 pounds of cubes.

One cube weighs about 3.5 pounds. That’s a lot of cubes.

For a demo, sure. For competition (even offseason), you might want to watch G22 more closely. Controlling four cubes at once is likely a RED CARD.