pic: Awesome shirts

This was the logo off the front of our shirts that we wore for the Kokomo Forum this past weekend.

I was there and I got one!!! I was so happy. haha


A bunch of us wore these on friday…I have never received so many weird stares. haha.
I thought these shirts were great. We didnt even know that we were getting them until a week ago.

That shirt is so funny! I love it! What did you guys make them for anyways?

Inside jokes usually don’t make that much sense to the outside


Bill Beatty refers to building a robot is like “baking a cake, you can make it from scratch or from a box.” So, he’s “cooking” a new robot up. HAHA


Hardly an ‘inside’ joke.
Bill Beatty teaches a seminar every year at the IndianaFIRST Forums (and last year at the Championships) about how to properly ‘bake’ a robot. It is available from the team by request. You can find more info on their website.

Can you smell what Mr. Bill’s cookin’?

Oh noooooo!! It’s Mr. Bill!!!

(Sorry… I couldn’t resist after seeing JVN’s post. lol)
(If you don’t get this reference, you’re too young)

And he said that he used that Mr. Bill reference when he first met his first group of kids and they all stared at him like he was nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

For the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure of helping put on the “Bill and Andy show” as we both give 20-minute presentations for the Indiana FIRST Forums.

We tag-team a presentation on “overall robot design”. I always get up first and talk about the TechnoKat robot design process. Then, Bill gets up and gives his talk. The audience gets to see me hastily go through my presentation, and then they are entertained by Bill’s informative and funny presentation as he describes designing a robot like “baking a cake”.

Last year, in Atlanta, we gave the same presentation. Most likely, we will do this again, if they want us back.

It is simply an honor to be able to present with a hero of mine, Bill Beatty.

Andy Baker

… and I got a t-shirt too!

I got one of these shirts, they are awesome!!
And Andy and Mr. Bills presentation is great, i’ve had the pleasure of seeing it 4 times now and i’ve enjoyed it each time. Lots of good information, especialy for rookies, but it helps put some things back into perspective for experienced teams aswell!