pic: Awesome T-shirts!!

T-Shirts have been designed as a fund-raiser to help the Tech Tigers, team 1251, as a desperate solution to pay for the championship admission. Since we’re not allowed to sell items on Chief Delphi refer to the following link for more information


(If anything, only the boxed text is the one that will be on the back of the shirt in a small font.)

If you have any questions, please, private message me, or David Guzman for more information.

Dave and Daniel nice job guys. I like the shirts a lot. :slight_smile: We would like to see some input from the Chief Delphi community on how they like the shirts and if they would be interested in buying them. This is one of out many fundraisers were doing to pay for our trip to Atlanta.

Team 1251
and Drew

It will be great if people let us know what they think. All the shirts with the white lettering can be made in red, black and blue. The shirts are not ironed so they are good quality. We encourage everyone to place an order and show others some of you first spirit. I am trying to see if we can offer XXL but that is a maybe right now.

I think is fine if you post about the shirts or say how many you would like, however please let’s leave all money discussions to be done by Private Messaging or e-mail. Once again the Information about this fundraiser can be found in the following:


Thanks for the support

I am interesting in the red shirt, the black shirt and the blue shirt.If could get XXL shirts that would be good.

I really like the Got Gears? shirt. That’s a pretty neat fundraising idea. Keep us updated on if we can get them in 2X.

Information about the fundraiser can be found in the following link. I can not tell you details on the purchase here on Chiefdelphi because of the policy, but it is all in the link.


Also remember, the only shirt that is unique in the color is the yellow one. You can get any of the other ones can be ordered in any of the colors.

You can get the “SPIRIT” shirt in black, blue or red.
You can get the “I LOVE FIRST” shirt in black, blue or red.
You can get the “Got Gears?” shirt in black, blue or red.
You can get the “Duct Tape” shirt in black, blue or red.

I hope this makes since. We are trying to get paypal on the posted link and also soon there should be information on how to pay. Please refer to that website to know all the details. The money collected is to pay for our trip to Nationals since right now we are still in the air. Private message me to order, or for questions. Also we sizes available will be Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.


Cool shirts! I especially like the red one.

Are they going to be available IN Atlanta? If so, I’m stopping by your pits :slight_smile:

Just a few suggestions, a tad cheesy, in fact very cheesy, here’s a few shirt ideas.
“A person in FIRST always wins”
“1251 The Tech Tigers, they’re grrrrrand!” (Can you put grrrrreat on a tshirt??)
“I know what you did last regional”
“You deleted what!?” (I’d buy)
“Hibernating…please wait” (I’d buy)

The final two don’t have much to do with FIRST yet this is for a fundraiser.

the t-shirts are awsome

as to the nationals question

you can’t sell anything at the competitions

so if we had to maybe we could sell them outise or we preffere pre orders


Yeah those t-shirts are awesome.

I’ve got spirt, Yes i do.

thanks I’m glad people got spirit

but I GOT MORE!!!

Thank you for the suggestions but the only problem is that we made designs that would appeal to more than just our team.

So, I like the one that says “I know what you did last regional” but its audience could be bigger.

Thank you.

Heck yeah im getting me some of those shirts! They are friggin’ awesome. Gonna get two of em.

Anything to help Grand Ole 1251, one of my favorite teams in FIRST. After their up and down season, they definitely deserve a spot at Champs. Can’t wait to see you guys there.

thanks man that means a lot to us

so two shirts you said

So I think the coolest thing is… I showed those shirts to my mom and I think she might get me one for my birthday :smiley:

Post the new design for the “MORT, Tigers and Bears” shirt, it’s awesome! Good luck raising the money for the championship, cant wait to see you all down there!

and I love the “I know what you did last regional” idea, i’m sure every scout team member would want a shirt that said that.

This is cool… I want a “Got Gears” shirt. Please save one for me in Atlanta.

Andy b.

I am very interested in buying a couple.

Do you have a deadline for when to order them to get them for nationals?

Also 2xl is an option for the order form, is that definitly available?

Heh, those are pretty sweet. How about one that just says “I build robots.” I’d definitely buy that.