pic: awsome teamwork

Early in the match for some reason 1369 was unable to move and 538(the rampbot) had wedged their arm so they couldn’t move either. 1848 then pushed 538 into the home zone, turned them around and climb their ramp to win the match 30-0

That is quite possible the best display of teamwork and quick change in plans that I’ve heard of. I hope someone caught it on video.

I had totally forgot about that match the only thing remember doing was screaming PUSH US I DONT CARE IF YOU BREAK JUST PUSH IT. Everything work out great that match.

Will someone please explain?

Read the caption.

there is no caption if you are looking at the thread, you have to be under the photos section to get a caption.

Click the picture in the original post, and it will take you to the CD-Media page, where you can read the caption.

Although (Brandon) I do wish the caption could automatically be posted along with the pic when a thread is started.

Cool, thats pretty amazing,


i apologise, the final score was 30-8. this stresses the importance of ramping in that match.

Congratulations on a GREAT strategy! I wish more things in FIRST happened like this! What a wonderful display of teamwork!

That was really exciting…

I was driving and was focused on getting tubes and what not, and wasn’t aware of what was going on with their bot. All of a sudden my coach was yelling at me saying I needed to turn them around and push them into the home zone.

Trying to knock the spring loaded platform down was quite an adventure too…

Wow, what a nail-biter! I remember seeing another match where Team 100 got a ringer stuck on their arm and 1458 very carefully took it off with their own grabber… Awesome teamwork, guys :slight_smile: .

That’s really awesome, wish I could have seen it though.

1458 actually had to get it off them more than once. Some of the best teamwork I saw at Davis.

ah, yes, the incredible match. that was awesome… proof that great drivers and determination not to accept mediocrity often fix where our robots fall short.

1458 actually had to get it off them more than once. Some of the best teamwork I saw at Davis.

The first time they did it in about 15-20 seconds,
the second time it was must have been between 5-10, it was a great show :smiley: