pic: AZ Table Game


I had never seen that before. I don't know what team's were at the table except ours, 294 that was learning the game. This was great fun and hilarious. Thank you to those teams who started it. It was repeated by our team at Macaroni Grill after winning So Cal Chairman's Award. Very fond memories of AZ. We need a giant table or floor for a giant version of this game.

Its great what they are teaching FIRSTers today, and to think they just saved those kids frat dues, late Saturday nights, and parents thousands of dollars for college what they could learn over juice cups at a regionals. and they said we just built robots

Now, believe the best of them. I’m sure that those are only for juice. I think you were implying something else. I’m very disappointed in you…


Oh, yeah. Who adds to CD47-Bot’s reputation, anyway? I assume it really is a bot and doesn’t have feelings… :rolleyes:

Sorry if that came out wrong I did not mean to imply no such thing… at least I dont think so any ways… but I got nothing wrong against a good game of Cups. I myself very much enjoyed learning, and playing the game as a camper and then being able to teaching the game to the campers at the tables I would sit at during meals when I became a counselor over the summer.

It’s nice to get some play time after devoting six plus weeks of your life to your robot. I think those three(I think it’s three separate teams, 294,696,and ?) deserve it. :slight_smile:

the 3rd team is 498 the members are obsessed with that game.

Nice thread revival :slight_smile:

What exactly is the game anyways?

LOL I don’t feel so bad for being the first one who asked now at least.

That said… Flip Cup?

Haha, yeah, a teammate saw my post and was like, “You don’t know what the cup game is???”

I guess I don’t get out enough.

I have never heard of this strange cup game you odd people speak of… On our team, the game obsession is “slaps.” You know where someone calls out a letter and you have to make a hand symbol or you get slapped… great game to get your hands nice and raw right before a match :stuck_out_tongue:

How does a picture like this get on CD and I miss it?

Anyway, I was part of the group doing this (not at this exact time though, so I’m not in the picture). It was quite fun, and I know we did it again the year after this as well. We did it for about 1 hour straight one of these years, I don’t know which one though. We were thinking of doing it again this year, but so few people on our team still know it that we didn’t bother. We tried to teach a few, maybe at the Champs this year…

Cool, still nobody has explained what the game is. I have a vague idea, is it where the cups get spun around in a fun pattern of taps and smashes before being passed to the next person?


Here’s an explanation, with video: http://www.mbinde.com/games/cup-game/

I don’t know what else is on the site, so don’t look around too much.

Clap # Clap # LTap RTap LTap # Clap # RPickup # RMoveTheCup #
Clap # RPickUp # HitYourFreehand # FlipAndHitItOnTheTable # SwitchHands # RHandSlamOnTable # LPassTheCup

Those #'s are rests for you musical types. Consider each beat equal and you’ve got 4 full measures. That should help with the rhythm.

Strangely enough, I learned the game in a similarly academic setting. I guess you never know what you’re gonna learn that could help you out down the road.