pic: AZ Winning Alliance

The winning alliance from Arizona! Team 39 was ranked first after qualifications and chose team 60 and 1013 to be their alliance partners, forming an extremely strong alliance. We managed to push the finals to a third match (allied with 1492 and our mentor team 842), but lost it in the end. It was still a blast!

Great picture, Steve, I was always at the other end of the field, and didn’t get to see these teams from that perspective…

Congratulations to 39, 60, and 1013, you guys did a fantastic job!

OMG the frame isn’t yellow! Anyway, nice work guys.

Good job on the win teams 39, 60, and 1013! I know you will all do good at nationals

Nice job guys especcially the 132 to 0 win that you guys had over the 1212 alliance…hehe my alliance…but anyway good job and have fun and good luck at nationals