pic: Aztechs 157 Frame Sneak

A shot of our frame post-powder coating. Ignore the electronics, just set that way to test the drivetrain! :smiley:

Very nice looking, any issues turning on carpet with the pneumatic wheels?

We tested it and there didn’t appear to be any issues but can switch out with different wheels if need be.

Be sure to test it with the full anticipated weight and on carpet. I was on a team that was burned by this late revelation and we had a hopping bot once all the parts were attached. Needless to say, we had to change our wheels.

Good luck on the rest of your build !

Did you try driving it on carpet weighed down to 120lbs?

If it doesn’t turn, all hope isn’t lost - you could change one end or both ends to a smoother tire with a less aggressive tread pattern.


Boy, I really hope that drivetrain is 8 CIMs/mini-CIMs. That would be sweet.