pic: Babs

This is Babs the ROV, a project that my dad (squirrel on these forums), his twin brother and I have been working on. She was designed to complete the NURC mission this coming Saturday, but we’ve found lots of other cool uses for her. This is definitely the most fun I’ve had working on a robotics project!

See an intro video of Babs the ROV here

Check out how she was designed and built here

And if you have a chance check out the live webstream on Saturday night, here

H2O robots are a completely different paradigm to most all of us here on CD:D First of all, there are no wheels and then you travel in 3D space so think omni drive to the max.:ahh: Quite the clean and purpose driven design. I’ll be checking out the design video as I really like your front water-tight chamber which as tilt camera operation.

Awesome robot as usual! I wish I had a “super-family” to do this kind of cool stuff. Good luck at NURC! I love the torpedo shooter.

How well does the Vex gear work as a worm wheel? I would guess it functions well mostly because of the low load on the arm.

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That is awesome, can’t wait to see it in action this weekend.

Very clean and well put together, I like it. :slight_smile:


We qualified second (I think) behind Site 3 Engineering. More qualifying tomorrow, we have one more chance, but probably won’t try again (something about the solar battery charging thing).

This evening we got to play a bit, and the Falcons let Steve drive Amanda, and we let John Harris drive Babs. Here’s the Amanda eye view

The vex gears driven by our custom aluminum worms seem to work fine. There is not a lot of load on them. The gears we made are not quite right…we just turned 8 threads per inch, while they really need about 7.7. There are only about three teeth engaged…a little grease helps keep it quiet…and it does not need to last very long.

that has got to be one of the coolest competitions ever, i never heard o fthe underwater robotics competion till i read about it her on cheif delphi.

I had the pleasure of being there and watching the Typewriter Repairman team score a perfect 270. They made it look easy ;>

It sure takes a lot of work to get that far. Not quite as easy as it looks!

I wasn’t able to stick around for the awards on Sunday. Can someone post the results of the competition?

Still waiting for the results to be published on the NURC page, but I do recall some of the winning teams

Pre-High School division: Si Se Puede
High School: Site 3 Engineering
University: Team 0x27 (team 39 from FRC)
Adult/Corporate: Typewriter Repairmen

Top 5 Overall:

  1. Typewriter Repairmen
  2. Site 3 Engineering
  3. Team 0x27
  4. ASU Space Grant
  5. N.E.R.D.S.

I edited our mission video (they recorded our ROV camera feed to DVD), got the 28 minutes down to about 10 minutes.

Got a new site going here, trying to move stuff over, not done yet, but here are the scores
We will still use the same url as before when I am done with the site

posted your video here

Whole broadcast in 9 min segments here
have alot more to go… keep checking back

The robot controllers are great, very customizable and therefore intuitive. Thanks for letting me drive again

I’ve been asked to bring Babs to the Arizona North regional, so folks can see what a robot for the NURC might look like.

9 years not again lol