pic: Babson 2005

Congrats to Jess, Babson 2005

Where’s Tedster?

Just Kidding… Congratulations Jess!

Congrats to Jess!! After so many years of hardworking you did it!! Great job!

Wait a second…FIRSTers go to school for business?! :wink:

Congrats, Jess!

(man, that first sentence drips with irony)

Congrats, Jess!

All the best wishes to you with your future!

Ashley & Greg

omg omg omg omg omg omg… look its jess!!! :smiley:

Congrats Jess… I wish you all the luck and hope you go a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way. :slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

Go Jess!!! Congrats!!! :smiley:

Congratulations, Ted’s sister :wink:


Congratulations, Jess! Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

Congratulations Jess! :slight_smile:

Babson seems to have gone by quick, I remember when you graduated from high school. :wink:

Congratulations Jess! I hope you succeed at whatever your next step is. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how many realize, but Jess has done a ton to try to help expand the reach of FIRST beyond engineering. She’s has been and is continuing to work hard with her alma-mater to utilize the benefits which FIRST has beyond engineering. I think that Jess is a great example of why FIRST can be so great for those who might not be as mechanically inclined (though believe me she is quite mechanically capable).

Congrats to you Jess for taking that next step, and thank you for being such a wonderful presence in my life as well.

-Andy Grady

Finally over huh? Congrats!! :slight_smile: Hope the job search is going well. Maybe you found something by now?? Good luck with everything.

Congrats to Jess! She made it out in 4 years…that really takes a lot of work to pull that off now a days, especially at Babson when I believe she said the average to get out was 6 years

Congratulations Jess! You were able to keep up with your school work and complete it… even with the incredible distraction capabilities of Cory, DJ, Andy, and myself. That is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself.

Nice job, hope you had some fun while you were there!


Congrats Jess!

You coming to IRI? We should have a party or something!

TEDS SISTER!!! CONGRATS! hopefully little teddy will do that one day but hes gotta focus on hs first! congrats again!