pic: Back driving? What's that?

Just took the end of a ratcheting wrench and then machined a small piece of aluminum so that the ratchet could mount securely to the gearbox. Job is done and very light weight.

Is that big aluminium block the mount for it? If so that’s not exactly helping the weight.

Meh, that’s nothing a freshman with a drill press and a dremel can’t fix…

If you’re havin weight problems this year I feel bad for you son…

But really, that’s probably tubing.

Yea it’s tubing. That would be an absurd amount of solid aluminum. Could get away with it though, weight is probably going to come in at under 100 pounds this year for us and a lot of teams.

The small piece that attaches to the ratchet is solid aluminum, but it is very small.

Can you switch the way it turns easily?

If you are underweight this year you just don’t have enough motors on your robot that’s all. :]

No, it is designed to turn only in one direction making it so we never have to disengage the ratchet or the shaft the ratchet sits on.

My bad.

Beware. Make sure you have extras laying around. We’ve broken a 3/8 gear wrench already this season