pic: Back in the day

Vintage Aaron on his way to the Worlds Tallest Mohawk at BeanTown Blitz in 2004

I don’t know, 360’s Elmer’s glue made for some crazy mohawks at Seattle last year :ahh:

May I know what you used to keep your hair up like that? What product? I want to try that on my friend, but don’t know what to use.


Hair spray, and a blow dryer. Usually freeze it hairspray, but most cheap ones will work fine.
i was so young in this pic!

love you mac.

Team 360 does mohawks every year (as Larry suggested) and our product of choice is Elmers School Glue. It hardens and holds for as long as is needed, and then washes out once the event is all over. Several girls on our team fold their hair up every year using this. Last year, we had one person with her hair over 2 feet high, and used it as a place to put all of the pins she collected. It makes for a very…interesting look, I have to say.