pic: Back of the battery charging station

This is the area directly behind the batteries on the cart. Here you can see a few things:

  • a regular utility box to manage the incoming power
  • a power strip for the interior electronics
  • 4 battery chargers. These are the same ones that come in the kit of parts, partially disassembled. This way we could rout the control plates up to the front (for charging current/voltage), and provide adequate airflow over all the parts through the fans mounted on the right.

am i correct in understanding that those components mounted on the back are the battery chargers with just the plastic shell taken off? or did you remove/add more to the preexisting components of the chargers?

By the way, I love the idea. Definiatly showing it to my team.

That’s correct. There are two circuit boards in the Schumacher battery chargers - the ones you see in this picture, and smaller ones that contain the controls to adjust voltage and current. The only change we had to make was to extend the 5-pin ribbon cable between them so it can run from the back through to the front (as seen in this picture: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=86130).

Yes. I love it. We have a freshmen on our team who has been assigned thetask of designing new battery holders. Something like this could really help him out. ill be sending him the link. thanks for posting this! :slight_smile: