pic: Back to the Futrue

In the parking lot I found the DeLorean. This was cool to see the actual car and its just like the one in the movies. Too bad we can't use it to go into the future to see what the game is next year!

Ok kickoff is only weeks away! We all know how anxious we get to wait and see what the game will be. If only we could go Back to the Future to see what the game is! Even through time travel is still out of the question we can only imagine what could happen. Maybe in a few years or decades we can use the DeLorean in real life for time travel like Marty McFly (Micheal J. Fox) did in the movie!

Great Scott!!!

You make a time machine only to find out that this years game is to make a robot that can go back in time… or maybe not

Team 71’s secret is revealed!

Would you believe that we have been working on the 2005 game since May?


We have been working pretty hard (with going back in time and all). You would not believe how difficult it is to drive the DeLorian by radio control of the B.E.A.S.T…
Aside from that, the “How to go back in time, and steal the 2005 FIRST game- for dummies” does explain much in detail. We’ve got our work cut out for us (with the liquid metal and all)!!!

A M-

Hey, can you put out a whitepaper or something for the rest of us?

So who owns the DeLorean anyway?