pic: Backup battery ends match inside a different robot

I’ve heard of batteries on fire in a match. I’ve seen batteries fall off bots during a match. But I’ve never heard of a battery ending up inside another bot during a match. Until now. :eek:

Here’s what happens when the Velcro used to secure backup batteries fails during a match. (Vex batteries were legal to use as FRC backup batteries under the 2006 rules.) This battery fell out of our robot, went through the drive train, landed on the field, and was unintentionally sucked up by 176’s bot.

Now I have to break the news to our FVC team that they are down a battery… :o

The question is, does it still work?

We’re not taking a chance to see if it works or not. The outside casings of the cells were pretty well scratched and cracked. The external leads were clearly ripped off. It was, however, a very good learning experience for some of our new members.

Now, if we could only explain the huge dent we received on the corner of one of our exide batteries. As one would imagine, the play at Bash got a little rough this weekend.


I remember seeing this happen! I couldn’t tell what it was until after the match, because it didn’t look like a regular frc 7.2 V backup.

Your technology and components will be assimilated into the 176 Robot Collective

Resistance is futile

(Capacitance is highly desired :^)

BTW: you *must * mount that battery on a plaque and present it to team 176 - gaining possesion of another teams battery is a feat that demands recognition

At first when I saw it dangling from the robot before it fell off I mistook it for the Radio. But then I was thinking wait a minute, the radio isn’t usually blue. :ahh:

Only when Art showed me the battery right after the match was I both amused, and shocked to see what happened to it.

Use stronger Velcro next time; right Art? :stuck_out_tongue:

As a side note, these batteries are much heavier (maybe 2 times the weight) than the normal backup batteries hence it falling off under the weakened Velcro it was attached with…

[cough] Tiewraps [/cough]

Are you sure the vex batteries were legal?

All 7.2v batteries are legal. You should definitely look into buying something other than the one in the kit, RC car batteries will not drain anywhere near as quickly.


I’m sorry, I’m not sure what that is. Maybe you mean Zipties? :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

That battery is pretty beat up.

So ANY 7.2v battery is legal?

As long as it’s a NiCad 7.2v battery, it’s legal. :wink:

Our team used them this year and had no problems. It was just easier because every kid on the team was able to learn how to replace and recharge backup batteries in less than 5 minutes.

I have an old 7.2v racing pack that dragged on concrete for a few hours… wires still on it but all the insulation and part of the nickel gone off the end :o

I’ll have to take a pic and submit it.


Thanks for the info on the battery guys. Now I know I can use my old airsoft gun battery for this. http://www.onlybatterypacks.com/showitem.asp?ItemID=10518.3

This picture reminds me of when our battery cover came of at Monty Madness and was ran over both by us and 1089.

Sorry no pictures…but it was completely destroyed

In regards to the backup battery not being the kit one… we used the standard kit backup battery and was also velcro-ed on the underside of our bot. Despite it falling out frequently, the size or lack of it was not really a concern due to our recharge circuit. The robot didn’t care, it just kept running like nothing happens. Same thing if the backup battery went dead (which it wouldn’t, it would be charging the entire time) :slight_smile: .

It turns out that this cannot happen only in VEX. At Duel on the Delaware today, at the end of one match MOE’s back-up battery fell off when they were climbing off the ramp, and landed in our drive train. Fortunately, the battery didn’t get destroyed, and was still usable. :rolleyes:

I’m just wondering, why not NiMH?

Yeah that was pretty insane. I didn’t think it could happen. Guess I was wrong haha. And I thought another team’s battery fell out at Duel. I could e mistaken though. I’ll have to look through my pics. I’m glad that your robot didn’t really suffer from the fall of the battery haha. Yall got back from that very small problem and did a spectacular job.