pic: Bacon, like you've never seen it before

So, your traveling through the pits in Atlanta, admiring all the fine robots and the overwhelming amount of professional graciousness happening around you when, suddenly, something horrible happens, a deep rumble emanates from your stomach region, with the volume and conviction of a rocket propelled pig (or RPP) lifting off. What can possibly be done?

Well don’t worry because the uber-intelligent, highly caffeinated, and ultra-intuitive men and women (and monkeys) at thinkgeek.com are here to solve your problem with Squeez Bacon®. Yes that’s right, the creative minds behind “Dismember-me plush zombie”, “Shower shock caffeinated soap”, and the ever so popular “Annoy-A-Tron” have done it again. Don’t worry about silly things like hunger getting in the way of your Atlanta enjoyment, the crack team of Monkeys at thinkgeek.com have you covered.They really do have more bacon then the pan can handle, that’s why they put it in a tube.

sorry, wanted to post the link
Squeez bacon


That’s all I’m going to say…

*has an urge for a super bacon burgrer =(

If you guys decide to use that on your robot just remember <R34>

<R34> Lubricants may be used only to reduce friction within the ROBOT. Lubricants shall not be
allowed to contaminate the playing field or other ROBOTS

I wish I had more bacon then the pan could handle… :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing (& sooo handy). Apparently Sweden is big on food-in-a-tube (this site even mentions tubed reindeer meat: http://www.eatdrinkonewoman.com/2009/02/tube_foods.php ) And I thought SPAM was out there!

Just give me tubed M&M’s.

I wonder how M&Ms taste with some bacon squeezed on?

Or maybe a nice, hot, butter-fried KK donut, topped with squeez bacon. :eek:

Suddenly my three varieties of bacon salt no longer seem impressive.

Suddenly I am incredibly glad I am a vegetarian.

Any one know if this is MORE or LESS healthy than traditional bacon? My distrust of any heavily manufactured foods tells me it is less healthy but thats a guess.

(typed as I munch on carrots and celery, remember kids, take care of your body)

Yum, peanut butter and bacon sandwich. OINK OINK BOOM!

They just killed bacon. Period.

Great day to read this…


It could be worse… bacon in a plastic bottle can be squeezed and thus, squirt.

Bacon in a can would explode.
Pfft - whoever heard of exploding bacon?

This is so gross, it makes me sick to my stomach. As a Nursing major that’s hard to do.

Hormel is missing out on a simply amazing opportunity here…tubed SPAM!

Perhaps we can do some re-packaging as a summer fund-raiser…

Whaddya think Sovi?

This would be a great topping on my chicken finger-cheese burger.

Mmmmm…trans fat…

Can bacon soda be far behind? :eek:

Coca-Cola tour in Atlanta anyone?? :ahh:

Eew. I’ll take bacon in robot form over bacon in squeezable form.

Thank you, I just threw up a little.

Also, is this what happened to Old Major?