pic: Bacon, like you've never seen it before

I can see it now, it’ll be added to the list of American Things:
-Apple Pie
-Tubed Bacon

Aaaah, now that’s the American Dream.

LOL I want to be there for the first bacon soda and mentos experiment.

If this was mixed with bacon bits, then put on top of real bacon, one could travel back in time.

Too bad it’s swedish :wink:

I wonder if this goes great with Cheesy Poofs??

1/4 Pound of squeeze bacon?

Sure, I heard it tastes like Thunder Chicken.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist;)

Fusion just has a kid nicknamed Bacon. He is called Bacon by everyone, and is labeled in my phone as Bacon.


Did you say Bacon Soda, or Baking Soda? :stuck_out_tongue:
Put both of those together, & you’ll have one heck of an Oinking Boom! :eek:

For those who truly love bacon, and for my friends at 1902.

Mmm. Now to have some squeezable bacon on my eggs. OM NOM NOM NOM!

Also, I heard that the makers of squeezable bacon are coming out with squeezable eggs next :smiley: . Makes breakfast fifteen times more fun! (or was it OVER 9000!?!?!)

Well, on the tube it does say that it already is an American snack…
So, maybe it was one and we didn’t know it yet? These Swedish tubed bacon marketing people must be from the future! That’s maybe the key to successful marketing…

LoL I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before or if it was in an earlier link but for all who love bacon you MUST watch this.

“Bippity Bopity Bacon!”

Alright I should come clean now that the 1st is over. This product is, disappointingly, not real.:frowning: This has all been a part of a hoax that thinkgeek puts on every year, along with the squeezeable bacon they were also selling Interactive Portal T-shirts, USB pet rocks, and a Tauntaun sleeping bag.

I apologize for any hopes and dreams I may have just crushed with this announcement, but maybe one day society can progress to the greatest of all food related feats, bacon…in a tube:D

Happy April fools day, see you all in Atlanta

Oh…some of you believed it? :wink:

The 8-Bit Tiewasn’t real either until a lot of people begged ThinkGeek to make it real. And now I’ve got one of those. :smiley:

Can squeezable bacon be in our future as a real product someday as well??

I wouldnt say believed, I would say I was horrified by the thought of it. And PLEASE don’t beg them to make it real.

But for those who still believe bacon flavor belongs on everything: Baconnaise (from the same company that makes bacon salt)!

PLEASE tell me this is another joke, otherwise I think I need to puke :ahh:

What? What is unhealthy about combining bacon and mayonnaise? I just don’t think I could live without such a concentrated artery blocker.