pic: Bacon

Today was Purdue day at the Indiana State Fair. Included in the displays were Purdue FIRST teams.

The heading of this pick made no sense without the first picture which apparently didn’t get approved.


I thought the title was just bacon simply because it is awesome, much like robotics.


Chocolate covered Bacon!!! Deep Fried Brownies!!! I just dont know what to think about all that…

My cholesterol had a heart attack just from seeing those signs! The rest of me is fine, by the way.

Can’t wait for VA’s state fair and the Robot Rumble and chocolate covered cheesecake on the last weekend!

idk bout that bacon but the brownies sound good

P.S. I know deep fried OREOs are freakin awesome

I’m a vegetarian, so I wouldn’t know, but I’ve heard that chocolate covered bacon is pretttty nasty.

I also don’t want to think of the mess that would create by going oink OINK BOOM!

I think I’d try the bacon just for the novelty of it. That’s certainly not something you see everyday.

Not to mention the five seconds of chocolate rain and the thousands of delighted little kids :slight_smile:

From what I’ve heard, the chocolate covered bacon is amazing. Kind of like M&Ms in popcorn - that nice mix of sweet & salty.

Dearest bacon, is there nothing you cannot improve?

Cream Cheese covered bacon?
Ice Cream w/ Bacon Bits?

Mmmmmm… Bacon Ice Cream… <drool>