pic: Bad Brad's Hirobo

My RC Chopper

Very Cool. Did you build it yourself? What cost do RC choppers run?

Yes, the helicopter was purchased as a kit. It is a Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution .30 size kit.

This particular kit goes for about $300usd.

Along with the kit you need to purchase an engine, necessary electronics including: radio, gyro, servos, and support equipment.

It all depends on what you want in a rc chopper. Size (big or small), Power (electric, glow, gasser, turbine), Type (scale or aerobatic).

My helicopter has a .37 size glow engine, 4 foot rotor span, 7 - 8 pounds, and is capable of 3D flight, meaning it can do all kinds of crazy tricks.

Anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars for a complete setup.

What goes up must come down, so expect to crash. :ahh:

Hirobo Video

Helicopter Picture Album

Nice Bradleybot can Bunney come and play? LOL. :wink: