pic: BAE Systems-Granite State Regional High Score

The score screen from the second match of the 1 vs. 8 seed Quarterfinal. 175-1824-501 on red and 1247-1721-1991 on blue. (A row of 8 ringers on the bottom spider-legs) + (175 and 501 12" up on 1824’s ramp).

during that match, team 241 tried to get a “This is awesome” chant going, but people do not know how to follow chants

but that match was godly

Personally I found this match the exact opposite of what is suppose to be one of the biggest elements of FIRST -(Gracious professionalism) not with play like that…they had the match wrapped up and still went and put not just one but two robots up for the additional 60 points. I feel they should be ashamed not applauded. As amentor I would not of allowed that by my team.

EDIT: Removed… Bad Timing

then you must agree with me on the ungraciousness of a seed one team being aloud to pick a seed 2 team

Yes I do agree with you , but also one step further that the top four teams should not be allowed to pick each other…

I find that to be extremely un true.
How is this ungracious or unprofessional?
If anything we were just playing the game.
501 scored two tubes
Buzz scored six
Our aliance partner had their ramps out
We played the game.
and square.
The other alliance played defense.
The other alliance had an extremely strong defense
We did nothing to prevent them from scoring
And if I remember correctly they also had one of the best rampbot teams too

I see nothing wrong with this high score.

As a student and ten year participant of FIRST I’ve seen much more
ungracious and unproffessional things done on the field
that had nothing to do with scoring. No one that left this regional today should be “ashamed” or “not applauded” for what they have done. No one from the FIRST organization should. This high score is simply that…a high score. Some alliance somewhere else will top it.

A score is a score

I agree with you. I haven’t seen the match, but by looking at the score it looks like the other alliance did absolutely nothing…
So if they are not doing anything-- was this alliance supposed to just stand and watch them?
(just my thoughts)

First of all congratulations, that is a very impressive score.

This was not ungracious or unprofessional, it was instead impressive and an excellent example of engineering, to even try to imply that these three teams are ungracious shows a lack of observation, both 175 and 501 are extremely good examples of what a FIRST team should be ( I am not familiar with 1824) 501 has won the chairman’s award at BAE in the past and 175 is a FIRST hall of fame member and the winner of the 2002 national chairman’s award.

Honestly, what is less gracious, continuing to play the game the way the bot was designed to play or stopping because you know there is no way the other team can beat you?

Congratulations to 75, 1824 and 501 you guys are class acts and earned your victory in style, my only disappointment is not being able to see it.


Respectfully I will have to disagree that when teams have a 256 point lead and twenty seconds to go in the match …they did’ nt need to drive up the ramp for the additional 60.

Not to start an argument, but 1721’s gripper did get smashed in the beginning of that match. That’s why we couldn’t spoil your big row or put up tubes for ourselves. We don’t, in any way, think this was done intentionally, and we are not sure how it happened, but it is SOME reasoning behind our horrible, horrible, horrible loss. I completely feel that 501’s alliance won that match fair and square. I am just clarifying a detail.


I have to strenuously disagree on two fronts.

First, it’s been discussed over and over that GP can not be used to measure others; it’s only really used well as an internal measurement of what you should be doing as opposed to what you are doing. But Rich Kressly has gone far deeper into the subject than I, so I’ll leave it to him.

Second, and perhaps more important: there is nothing that 1824/175/501 alliance could have done to help their opponents; they can’t score for the opponents without penalty, and they can’t go up the opposing ramp without a DQ. I can only assume (and feel free to correct me if this wasn’t the case) that taking a sip of the mighty Eighterade doesn’t involve much defense on the part of the alliance scoring it, either. When you’re in a match, you have to remain focused on a million things other than how far ahead or behind you are.

Back in 2005, my old team (1293) had the distinct misfortune of competing against 179 at Palmetto–twice. (Anybody who was around 179 that year knows how crazy that robot was.) While we groaned both times we came up short, I couldn’t fault 179 at all–they went hard, played smart, and took their four QPs (and oh so many others) all the way to a Palmetto Regional title. In the end, I wasn’t bitter because of it; rather, I wanted to figure out how the heck they did what they did so well.

I fully expect my team to put up the best effort possible, whether we’re up against Beatty or a brick. Sandbagging because of the opponent is both a poor strategy (what if they pull out a fluke hang at the end of the match?) and a really lame thing to do, both for the spectators (they see a boring match), your team (scouts see you only hanging a few ringers instead of your true potential), and for the opponents (many of whom, I imagine, feel like I did in the above paragraph).

As a member of one of the teams who attained this high score today at the Manchester Regional, I am seriously unsettled from some of the comments to this. How can an alliance who have well built robots that played the match extremely well, working together in every way, possibly be against anything that FIRST is trying to promote.

It has been suggested that the alliance should have not scored so many points, but why is that? Is it more gracious to intentionally do worse? I don’t think many, if any people here could agree with that.

I agree. I have no problem with attaining as many points as possible, seeing that this is the purpose of the game. Again, I believe that this particular match was played fair and square, and this these robots really work awesome together. Why should you limit yourself to what you can do?


I find it a little funny that you should say that…Your team was borderline with that very thing in boston '06 (you were 2nd and we were 5th, then you approached us). Not to start an argument, but it elicited a laugh from me, considering you take a bit of a hard stance on something you came so close to stepping out of bounds on.

:slight_smile: You have just put every thought of mine on this topic into magical words…thank you

As you just stated…we were 2 nd and you were 5 th …I also stated that I felt the top four should not be allowed…which is consistant with what I believe…Also until the rule is changed we are not going to try and compete as well…

Why should it be frowned upon for the team who has made it to the top of the standings to pick a team that they feel will compliment and add to their alliance best, simply because of the fact that they did very well in the regional as well. Penalizing a team for doing exactly what they are supposed to do in a game makes absolutely no sense.

The phrase “Gracious Professionalism” is being thrown around much too often to try to support anything and everything that a certain individual feels is unjust. It is not right to remind people of gracious professionalism when they find the seats that their team sat in yesterday were gotten to earlier by another team the next day when the rule is clearly that seating is on a first come, first serve basis. It is not right to bring it up in this instance either.

For anyone who was not there here is the video of team 501, 175, 1428 scoring 316 points in the semi-finals (The same team won the regional later on)

**Note:**This video was not made by team 501

Personally I agree with everything that katiyeh07 and Neo3One3 have said, we played the game fair and square. Listin to the crowd, can you imagine the adrenaline those teams must have been feeling?

Here is a photo that I snapped following the match-


BAE was a great time. Great job everyone!