pic: Baker Does Bayou

Andy Baker finally got his chance to be a judge this year at the 2007 Bayou Regional. But someone forgot to tell him about the requirement that all rookie judges have to wear the “special” hat… :slight_smile:

and who ever knew his name was really “Andrew”? :slight_smile:


Amanda Morrison did. :wink:

You know, Friday night at UCF I heard a rumor that Ozzy Kamen was raising a ruckus around Bayou. Any truth to that, from those who were there?

What next, you telling us you’re David Lavery? psha :cool:

This kind of reminds me of a fancy:
the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker…

though, I can’t really say why. walks away scratching her head…

Now I remember why I stopped eating Cap’n Crunch as a kid… :wink:

Very Nice Andy! I hope they let you keep those kool hats. You should wear it for the rest of the season.

Baker must have lost another bet

(you should have seen what he wore at Boilermaker…)

Lost a bet? I recall Andy still had all his hair.:rolleyes:

ok, so what did he wear at Boilermaker?

edit: just how - bad - could it be compared to this?

Where are the beads???

try to envision meat loaf*, david lee roth, dracula, and gene simmons kinda all blended together, and that is sort of how he was dressed **.

surely there are some photos around … :wink:

  • the guy, not the food

** TechnoKittys were on the “Rack N Roll” theme and dressed like rockers. Once you figured it out, it was pretty awesome (don’t tell baker I liked his idea) - the whole team was in “uniform”. Except Andy, who I said obviously lost a bet - or why else would he dress that way in public (at least his kids weren’t there).

Woohoo blackmail on Baker!

In bets you generally cause people discomfort, not give them sound fashion advice. [/person who hasn’t had a haircut in seven months]

Lavery was jealous 'cause he did not have a hat like the judges. Actually, speaking of hats, that reminds me of a story…

Dan Green, Dave and I were wandering through a tourist shop on Canal St. in New Orleans. I was looking to buy my daughters some gifts (ended up getting these neat feather-faced masked). In the same store, they had feather boas and “pimp” hats. I said “hey, Dave, there’s a hat for you!”. Dave mumbled softly… “I already have one”.

As for our “Rock and Roll” theme, it is fun. The kids had my hair in spikes on Friday at the Boilermaker Regional. I looked silly enough, that the event manager requested that I make myself presentable when I read the WFFA award at Friday’s closing ceremonies.

Rock on!!!

Andy B.

Hey Andy… I’ve heard you have “connections” (wink, wink) if you can get me a backstage pass for the next Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers show, I maybe can leak Dave’s middle name…


It’s even funnier 'cus he doesn’t. He keeps trying to steal the one I got for $4 at K-Mart after last halloween. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Real Story…

“Don’t listen to him Andy, you look GREAT in that hat.”
“Don’t do it Baker, you’ll get labeled for life. I can’t leave home without a purple fuzzy hat anymore.”
"Don’t pay attention to him, I’ll announce you as ‘Judge Lord Andy. Ruler of the Gearboxes.’ "
“I’m telling you, you’ll wind up being stalked be the Photoshop Lunatic Fringe…”


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