pic: Ball of destroyedness.. yea


Yeah, the given balls are looking pretty rough.

What’s the story behind that one?

Edit: Recent Development on a ball that may be noteworthy.


That’s nothing. Ours is totally naked and probably a bit smaller.

ya right , ours is much more ripped up so ok

Ours looks like that one, or a little worse for wear. I imagine that that’ll be the condition of the bals in the finals for the most part. I think that FIRST will replace balls between regionals though, I hope.:rolleyes:

You know what CD needs?

A whole subcategory of the photo gallery devoted to wrecked balls!

yeah w’ve been wrecking balls too…when we shoot them they sound like they’re going through a tree chipper

I don’t know what is up with a lot of the designs this year, but out shooter doesn’t rip the balls up at all. We have had maybe 1 little spec so far out of any of our balls.

You guys might also just be testing a lot more…

I think the problem is alot of teams this year are putting extended traction on their shooting “wheels” or whatever they use to launch, when it’s not really needed. Said traction plus compression of the balls tears off the face.

Not to be picky, but personally our shooter has yet to nick a ball. We’re using the 6" skyway wheelchair wheels for our launcher.
I think it may become an issue at competition if lots of teams are shredding up balls, thus making it difficult for those who have designed theirs not to tear up balls to actually fire them.
This would fall under rules against game/field object destruction, and would be an issue because it inhibits other robots from being able to use the game objects as intended.

So, I encourage those teams having issues tearing up the balls to figure out why (is it really necessary to have alot of traction?) and try and come up with a more ball-friendly solution before competition rolls around.
Foam Balls are our friends!!! :smiley:

Thats not to bad.

You should see ours… It has ONE hole. And thats it. And that wasnt even from shooting it, they played hacky with it. But We’ve shot it over 100 times…and no scratches…

Our ball isn’t messed up at all to my knowledge. Unless they broke it and replaced it without my knowing… but we probably also have a safer way of firing than you guys, one that won’t tear it up too bad.