pic: ball shifter swerve

Mind uploading the CAD files? Missing some details here…

This is not a finalized design, but here is the cad file for the design. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2289456/Ball%20Shifter%20Swerve.zip
(That’s weird, I can’t attach a file to a thread started by CD-Media…)

Currently, it’s missing a way to support the shaft on the banebots motor, and I think that I should add another bearing/bushing for the rotating module. Also, has anybody had any experience using the needle bearings (pn 5905k22) from mcmaster on a swerve module? Are they durable enough for this application? If you want, I can upload more pictures too.

This is unrelated, but does anybody know how to get inventor to export a step file with color?