pic: Balloon Surprise at AndyMark

It’s Monday morning after the Boilermaker Regional. It seems that some TechnoKats got up early this morning and ballooned my office. This is awesome… I am very proud of this team. I would be smiling more, but it is Monday morning, after all.

From what I hear, the students who did this went through some turmoil to make this happen… they even had a run-in with the police!

Way to go, sister. Um, er, Andy.

Hope it all worked out with your team members and the police.
Bet the girls have some fun with these balloons later on today.

Congrats guys!

After the exciting finals and chairman’s win, I’m surprised any of the 'Kats had any wind left!

There isn’t nearly enough balloons there in that office. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m reminded of a video I saw Billfed post a while back when he was at school.
I’ll let him elaborate on that balloon story if he wants to though. :cool:

That is cool, you guys did great! It was quite odd to see sister Andy walking around even after I saw the pic of CD.

P.S. Thanks for the help on the bumper rules

“…378 latex balloons, used…” Oh, sorry, this isn’t the place for the Blues Brothers’ references, is it? :slight_smile: … Congrats 45!!!

Hopefully the 45 kids don’t make a habit out of this…

Did the police have SCMODS?

(State, County, Municipal Offender Data System…just watch the darn movie!)

Nice. You know your a FIRST nerd when your team risks arrest to put balloons in your office :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I heard they got popped…


Andy, don’t let this little guy into your office!

As for the Cops part, we walked into the building legally and we didn’t know the code to the alarm as it started going off. We were scared stiff, so we walked out and started to wait since we knew it would eventually call the cops. When they finally arrived, we told them what was going on, so they told us to come in tomorrow (today) and do it when the alarm was off. Got to love the police who allow us to continue! :smiley:

Andy, were there anything interesting tidbits in the note left on the door?

Or nun worth mentioning???

In a world filled with bad puns you, Mr. Lavery, stand out.

In a world filled with bad puns you, Mr. Lavery, float above the rest.

Really? I thought the importance of his puns was inflated.

Close – I believe the actual count of balloons was 396.

(And I believe the quote should use the word “soiled”.)

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Is that Andy Baker’s serious face?

(also reference to Bilfred’s post and the video from usc)

Nah, just blown all out of proportion.