pic: Balloon Surprise at AndyMark

Gah!!! Someone make it stop. :wink:

or make it pop

Quit clowning around, you guys.

eh… I’ve done better


That was about 700-800 balloons filled up in 2 hours by about 8 guys on my floor.
It was on my list of things to do.

All I can say is, be happy it was balloons and not confetti. That stuff stays in your keyboard forever.

I could not agree more about the confetti. The only way to get it out is to remove the keys, and as a computer tech, that is not something that I like to do:mad:

Agreed. That would let all the air out of the fun, and just deflate everyone’s mood.


If you guys fill this thread up with many more bad, really bad, puns - it’s going to burst.

We need a “disable lavery” button, pronto. He’s going to hurt himself doing this and what’s worse is I’ve got to see it unfold here, painfully.

“Keyboard cleaning duty” sounds like a great off-season project for 111’s software guys. You need to keep them trained to endure the redundant pain and never ending loop. :slight_smile:

but lavery doesn’t actually type, he-leaum on the keyboard and words come out.

Sheesh. And I had been in such a buoyant mood…


Or silly string - although that stuff is more fun to shoot at teammates - especially when they think they have all the “ammo” and don’t know you have two cans of it hiding behind you as you exit the team bus.

And I think we’re all full of hot air…:slight_smile:

When it bursts the inflated air from our puns will expand into the atmosphere.

This thread just continues to float on.

but everyone knows that next year we’ll have a water balloon game.

Seriously…can we just let this blow over? Do nun of you have better habits than posting in this thread?

Yes, please. Some of these comments just go over like a lead balloon.


All that hot air might actually cause global warming.

And there’s definitely alot of hot air in this thread.

You guys are raving balloonatics!