pic: BaneBots v1 Grearbox


i’ll have to check my un opened baneboxes and see if they say that…

(edit: nevermind, please delete)

Also, check the motor mounting flange. If it does not allow for airflow into the motor, you will need to mill the face to allow for airflow. If you do not have airflow on the BaneBots, they *will *overheat and they *will *case short.

I think the picture was posted due to the spelling error, not for proper design/maintenance/installation procedures :wink:

I clearly missed that spelling issue. I blame build season and my late nights and 0430 wakeup :wink:

The BaneBot transmission issue is still a valid point… Make sure that grearbox is greased great :stuck_out_tongue:

See this post:


I didn’t know BaneBots made grearboxes…

We’ll have to check those out. I wonder what they’re used for…

They give all sorts of reproductions from motors ranging from 4:1 to 150:0.

If they reproduce motors during the match, do we get penalized for more than the alloted number of motors on our brobot?

Don’t bother. Vexpro has Versa Planetary gearboxes which are practically the same in functionality, with the added bonus of accepting any motor under the sun, ease of assembly, and multiple output shafts/adjustable gear ratios.

Yet another post misunderstanding the point of this thread.

My post wasn’t directed at you, it was directed at the person I quoted. I think the typo is quite funny.

Yea but that person was commenting on the typo it seemed like.

Funnily enough, I missed their “typo.” Drat.

I think this thread is is the epitome of the results of 5 weeks of sleep deprivation :yikes:

EDIT: 177th post! :smiley:

i checked my baneboxes that i bought a couple of months ago for another project. they were also grearboxes

I think I’ll start “accidentally” calling the company BraneBots.