pic: Bare minimum

This is our robot without the manipulator, and currently it runs on the default program.

This looks good. I’m curious though. Why didn’t you use the KOP frame? It seems like it would be lighter than 8020. Maybe not.

I like the gearbox. Good luck!

I think the reason why is because the team we originally started working with used the 8020, and we find it easier to connect our diffrent things we need to it. Not to mention, we are a rookie team, and we wanted something strong, easy to work with, and we were pressured to use it.

Looks good! Your team is off to a really good start! :slight_smile:

Keep up the hard work!


A bit of advice:

The radio doesn’t really need to be mounted up high like you have it. The radios are very powerful, and mounting it with the rest of your electronics will decrease the amount of wire you need to run and make one less element you need to worry about breaking.

They just decided to tape it up there, because it was an easy place to put it, and we take it apart every night.

It is generally a good idea to keep the radio antenna vertically oriented.

really? why is that? up high with less interference i get but why vertical?

Eliminate the spaghetti wiring. Told our team same thing on Sat.

Last year was the first year for our team and we found that using zip ties to hold wires that ran to similar components was the easiest way to organize your wiring :cool:

the beam pattern of the antenna looks like a classic doughnut , with the antenna poking up the center of the hole.

Off the top and bottom ends of the antenna you get no energy at all, so having the antenna horizontal means there are two blind spots on your coverage.

BTW, this thread raises an interesting question: what is the real ‘bare minimum’ for a robot this year.

If you go though all the rules, then what is the robot required to have?

the team number and name, the flag… is anything else really required?

could you have a blob of silly putty with the flag stuck in it, with your team number on all sides, and pass inspection?

You need the backup battery too. Although without the RC, I don’t exactly know where you would connect it. Aren’t the team color LED’s required too?

Do you have any plans to score points or are you planing on just defending goals and pushing balls in if you get lucky?

The RC, radio, backup battery, main battery, main breaker, breaker block or other associated support wiring, flag mount, and team numbers. Also, you would have to plug in your OI to enable the RC, or it would just stay disabled and the field software wouldn’t know if there were 6 teams or 5 teams. This would probably be a pain in the scoring teams you know what.

These are the bare minimum things that you would need to pass inspection per the rules. A head ref might decide that you need to at least have a frame or something to bolt all that down to though. So toss in a piece of plywood.

-Andy A.

Thats the funniest thing Ive seen in a long time - Im still laughing

The RC, radio, backup battery, main battery, main breaker, breaker block or other associated support wiring, flag mount, and team numbers. Also, you would have to plug in your OI to enable the RC

all that stuff, in a pile on the floor, wired together… Frame?! What?!

It looks pretty good, a little more than we have at the moment, but we’re moving along. I’m not sure if the wiring is supposed to be all over the place though, been told it makes it a little more difficult when fixing minor problems and the like. Plus you have to untangle some it looks like, just to figure out which goes where. The radio, I’m not all that sure, but, I don’t really think it has to be vertical, if I remember right, it will send/receive signals from all angles, or however you want to put it, in more technical terms if you wish, I’m only a second year, so I don’t know all the terms you people use.

Better than us so far, its my team’s 6th year and we’ve yet to get anything rolling. We have grand plans and something pretty nice will come together but getting a bot out their and moving around is an important step that you’re doing very well with. Keep coming up with ideas and adding to it. Its never too late to add something new. I remember a team that added a hanging device during lunch before the elimination rounds. They weren’t even chosen but they kept adding things… quite determined.

I think as a bare minimum rookies should be sure they can get up on the scoring platform. Sturdy wiring and frame will also ensure they can play defense and stay in the game.

Ok, we will have a live bottom feeder system to pick up balls,and get them into the low goals, and we have a shooter, for the high goals, but as for the camera, we are not sure if we are going to use it.