pic: Barring the Raise

This is from the “Barring the Raise” competition held at battlecry.

Congrats to the winner, the 131 driver in the pic. I believe. I came in second. It was a good match, I thought I had you beat, but I was on the blind side of the last ramp, and I hit the pole which was counted as a win at first, but I didn’t do the traditional wheelie, so they kept going after I had stopped driving. Oh well. Its all part of the game I guess. Congrats again :slight_smile: .
I hope other minis will have driver skill contests too. They are fun to do and watch. :smiley:

what exactly did you have to do in the event. the pic shows the field well, but doesnt really show the idea of the game, past going up the ramps.

A pretty good explanation is on the Battlecry site here towards the bottom, item number 3- “Special Operations Award.”

congrats. that seems pretty intense. definitely a good idea for future minigames. is there a balloon on the top of all the robots? and did those lil bots handle well at all? they seem like theyd just fly around in circles.

Balloon color was to identifiy the driver to the correct IFI bot.
They were pretty good. Single stick though.