pic: Bash @ the beach quarterfinals match two



Three robot pileup at Bash @ the beach, 1991 and 2067 came to try to pick up 2168 but ended up getting trapped.


Oh i remember hearing that. I was talking to someone and behind me i hear a big crash and boom, 2168 falls on 1991 and then i hear that Apple Pi tries to go and pick them up and they get stuck! That was the first time ive seen something like that in person.


The backstory:
After alliance selections we (2168) talked through auto strategy with
2067 and 1991. We planned on running:
2168 left, from this position we had 3 cube right scale, and 2 cube left scale, 2067 center, 1991 right. I wasn’t present for why 2067 ran center vs 1991. Not sure if one of them was more reliable from center? Maybe someone else can weigh in on that.

My understanding, before going into quarters, was that 1991 didn’t have a scale auto at all.
The programming students last year did a great job planning out our auto modes. We have a hierarchy of auto modes, before match we choose whether or not a cross field auto should be allowed (if we start right should we attempt to score on a right side scale), and based on that info the robot will basically try to score wherever our Max point contribution can be made (same side scale, cross field scale, same side switch, just drive fwd) based on what the field reports for switch/scale positions.

So we ran our first quarters match with our cross field auto enabled…
We started at the left position, and the field started LRL. So our robot ran the auto modes which would attempt to score 2 cubes in the far side switch (right).

Unfortunately it turned out 1991 did have a scale auto. I guess they had tried to disable it (I thought it just didn’t exist), but code on laptop didn’t get deployed correctly before the match. Miscommunication on our part.

So we drove straight into 1991 with our lift all the way up… Face planted pretty good. 1991 and 2168 we’re tangled up pretty good coming out of auto. 2067 ended up getting stuck (I think trying to get the cube near us) maybe 1min into the match.

I believe we received the lowest score award from this match with a total of 33pts! In case you were wondering, we did not face the boss.

Coming out of this match 1991 built&deployed their code. We ran the next quarters match with our cross field auto in the safe mode (but match 2 was left side scale IIRC).

We habitually record match video, as we find it critical for reviewing problems that happened in a match. At this event we had full field video, as well as a camera on our robot during auto. For following matches we also had one on 1991 during auto.
This allowed us to fine tune our auto modes (drive distances and timing) between matches and verify we weren’t going to have the same problems again in subsequent matches (we did run into new ones though!).

Honestly things didn’t go teribly smoothly for us at this event, I think we ended up on our face coming out of auto in another elims match after this (due to a bug in one of our auto modes that somehow didn’t rear it’s head at IRI). The problems we ran into were great experiences for all the new student leads and pit crew. It kept everyone proactively working towards getting ready for the next match (fixing mechanisms, code, wiring, etc.). Definitely great preparation for the season.

Somehow after all the rediculiusness our alliance managed to pull off the W at this event. Great thanks to 2067 and 1991 for making that happen. There were a number of other hurdles along the way (even after this debacle). I think it was Rick from 2067 who pointed out that SF2 was the first match where all our robots stayed working through the whole match!

Thanks to 236 and event staff for running the event! It was a great intro for our new students and pit crew. Always a good time.


Any chance you could share the match videos for elims, some students on 2067, myself included, weren’t able to make the event and would love to see it.

My understanding was that we were trying to free either 1991 or 2168 and got our harvester stuck.


More fun still : next QF match 2168 tips over again in auto (they were trying some new unproven auto codes). - we (2067) were trying some unproven 775 drives and burning up motors all day - we replaced them but then had them wired backwards in our hurry - our driver (new) was still able to get some cubes on the scale with controls reversed and still get the win QF 2 match! we burnt up 5 drive motors in all and ran with only two swerve drives operating at the end! - at least not reversed.

2168 after second QF were back to awesome, and we were able to go on to win with them and 1991 against a great alliance of 230, a pre-rookie using 230’s practice bot (great driving by the pre-rookie “Disruptive Technology” - watch out for them!) and 1740. Exciting scale wars- some of the craziest stuff I have seen.

Thanks to TechnoTicks - 236 (Its in their blood!) for running another great Bash and great intro for new students. Lots of fun as always.

Unfortunately I don’t think any videos exist.


Do you remember one of our matches with Athena’s Warriors? I remember hearing the announcer say “I smell some burnt pie!” and you guys were E-Stopped? We still won that match because you guys held the scale strong. Was it your motors that burnt out?


I’ll work on getting those up on our YouTube channel. Might be a few days, but I believe they still exist on a laptop.


There were so many instance of burnt pie that day, I cannot be sure.
We burnt 5 to destruction and several other times just let a little smoke out. But if we were e-stopped then it was the motors -

For those wondering why we burnt so many - - we had been running 775s all summer for hours at a time and no issues with current limiting at 40 and or 35 amps. - but before this event we had to scramble a bit to get a competition code together - and a big contributor was that we inadvertently had left off the current limiting! this is a bad start - we recognized this after the first couple burnt out - and probably damaged two others pretty good by then - then we dropped the current limit down to 30 amps - but then as mentioned we had wired the replacements backwards in our rush- which resulted in running against the wall in stall through Auto a couple times, and another match we had one wired backward and two fwd and 1 dead. as mentioned before we had only a couple running at the end so all the load was on two. A comedy of errors! -

From our perspective it was a useful experiment - and we will stick with CIMs (or MiniCIMS) in the future as they would have shrugged off all our stupidity - and we can’t say we will never be stupid again!

Too bad as we have what we think is a nice new design for a 4.5 lb swerve module with the 775 - but we can go to ~6.5 lbs and get the weight elsewhere - we were at 105 lbs this past year with the full elevator etc - using 8 lb modules.
Besides the “varied terrain” may dictate a tank drive! ( we also were playing around with a 6x 775 tank drive using 3D printed gearboxes! won’t be using that either.)


Videos are up on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUTJdMwEWueIabqYjHYAsJ6pauEfwYyVR


Excellent thank you. We were running new drivers so this is super useful to analyze their performance.


Thanks for the match videos! Always good to be able to see our matches so that we can look back and see what we need to improve on.


I know i’m late to all of this, but I remember walking into the gym and seeing that and immediatly 180-ing out thinking “Oh lord if i’m in there I’ll make it worse”

But in all fairness and serious, that was a fun off season to play in. And well done to 1991, 2067, and 2168. And a huge thanks especially to 2168 for helping us trouble shoot, only criticism I have of B@TB was not bringing a Leia lol. Being on an alliance with 4557 and 1740 was a huge joy too!

Hope you guys remember seeing a girl in a onesie human player forever, cause it wont be the last time, good luck for 2019!