pic: Bash Winning Excitement

As Ashley & our alliance members from 237 waited for the score, I had a feeling this would be the reaction… perfectly timed picture!! Look at them fly!! What a great weekend :slight_smile:

Wow, this picture was perfect. I know I was so excited.

Thanks everyone!

Wow… Kim, that is just some awesome timing on the pic there… :slight_smile:

Way to go 237, 1511, and 181!!!

Saturday was the highlight of the season for me… After some rough calls this past year but some cool awards along the way, It was nice to win our first mini comp since I believe 2000.

Thanks to our friends from upstate NY, 1511 and a one eighty, one eighty, one eighty one for the help!!!

Seeing this picture makes me so happy.
Everytime I see it, it sinks in more.
Yes it was just an off season, but just in one day we grew so much as a team and did awesome.

And thanks again to 237 and my friends from that team, and as elgin says… to one eighty one, eighty one, eighty one. I couldnt have asked for a better alliance to begin my coaching with. :slight_smile: