pic: Battery Cart

We have been in the prcess of updateing our pit this year and this is our battery cart. we will be posting the bill of materials and the prints on here soon.

Are you measuring the current battery charge level while it is charging? That’s pretty cool. I know there was a thread earlier asking how to do that since measuring with a battery beak of something requires you to unplug the battery form the charger first. It looks great by the way.

Surely the volt meter/multimeter would just display the voltage which the batteries are being charged at? That is if you are just measuring over the terminals.

But it is definitely a very neat solution

It’s so beautiful. I thought our new battery cart this year would be beautiful, but this has to be the best battery cart I’ve seen yet!

This would make the job of the battery runner at competitions much easier.

We have a similar feature on our battery cart. The volt meter does show charging voltage, but if all the batteries show the charging voltage you can still tell which one has the highest voltage. I also suspect the switches on each battery cut off the chargers allowing one to see the actual battery voltage (we thought about doing something similar to this but settled for just shutting off the power strip on the battery cart for a minute to do a quick voltage check).

Hopefully you are able to post the bill of materials and prints that looks like an awesome battery cart! very organized and compact. ::safety::

I’m very impressed. We made a very similar cart with the 80-20 and with the AM 3-port chargers but we don’t have the displays like you do, just the Battery Beak.

Now you’re tempting me to add that to ours…

A thing of real beauty

Yes our battery cart is always measuring the current voltage. Thank you we worked really hard on this.

Thank you we worked really hard on it. And I am pretty sure your battery cart looks beautiful too. our battery runner was definitely thought of when we built it.

Yes when we flip the switch the battery stops charging and we can read the actual voltage.

the switches next to where you can see the voltage turn on and off the voltage so we can get an accurate representation.

Thank you.

Really interested in seeing the BOM for this.

How do you restrain the contents when you move it around? It looks like there is a door on each side but I am not certain that is what they are.

Did you ever post the BOM for this? This is a nice, simple unit, and would make transport much easier.


I always wanted to and I’m sorry that I couldn’t. But my high school team had left the school and started another one for reasons I didn’t agree with and I no longer have access to the BOM. Again I am sorry cause I always met to but unfortunately I cant

I can say the Voltage displays are likely these or similar, there’s a few different versions of these but they all come from China either way (which, incidentally, is much cheaper to order directly if you don’t mind waiting a month to get them, I got my teams here).