pic: Battery Charging Station (571)

Team 571 did a great job. I was on the floor in Atlanta and thought this was very cool!

Wait,I don’t get it. Did they just leave it there or was it part of their robot cart?

They (571) wheel it out on Saturday and then use it for their battereis during the quarter-final, semi-final, final matches. The simplicity and innovation amazed me!

Here is another thread on this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=265777

Does it do AAs too?

Ok. That clarifies things. Thanx

I want one of those! :stuck_out_tongue: It could come in handy for the batteries of my 1968 Mustang and 1987 Chevy when I put them in storage for the winter. :smiley:

No - net yet anyway!
A lot of people on my time have put a lot of time into the design and building of this cart and it is very useful for teams that may want to build their own. We use 6 regular chargers with the silver connectors inside the red battery connectors, but we add on another set of wires to the silver pieces before the are crimped and placed in. These wires are then sent through a voltmeter (after a set of male and female connectors so that the chargers can be removed for travel, etc.). These are the numbers appearing underneath each charger in the picture. We have found this feature to be especially useful during elmination rounds because we run through batteries so quickly that sometimes it is hard to know which one has the most power (If you are planning on building one yourself, then it should be noted that when determining the most charged battery then the chargers should be switched off, otherwise the charger’s flow of electricity will be measured and not the battery itself).

We have recently installed a battery load tester and perhaps we can get that updated in the white pages soon. If you have any questions please let me know and I can talk to the engineers or the other major battery student on our team.

It does! it does! take a charger and stick it in the plugs on top!

But very cool idea. actually, I here that for some kinds of batteries, the voltage actually goes down a little when it’s fully charged. But I think thats NI-CAD or NI-MH.

Come to think of it, I believe somebody did plug in a AA charger for something or other at one point, but we no longer have the black power strip attatched to the door because it would no longer close. I also meant more built in type features; for example we can plug in our backup battery charger in a built-in outlet, but once again the door won’t close and it is not permanent.

Looks very nice. I think I’m going to look into creating something similar (and smaller) for a robot transportation cart, it would probably have 4 battery holders instead of six, and I’d have to lose some of the trimmings, but I’m thinking that’ll work. Also, thanks for posting the White Paper on building this thing, should be a great resource!


I am interested in how you implemented the “battery load tester”. Can you give us some details?

Other people on the team were involved in that more than I was, but I will talk to them today and try and have more information on it tonight.

Nice charging station!!!

Very nice charging station!..much better than the good old masking tape on battery technique.

Masking tape? we just had a power strip and 2 chargers. Besides, your supposed to use DUCT TAPE! :smiley:

thats an awsome charging station all we got is a stool with a power bar on it…lol

How are the voltage meters hooked up? If it is directly hooked up to the charger, wouldn’t that just read the voltage the meter is outputting? None-the-less, my team is building a battery cart and some information about wiring a voltage meter would be helpful.