pic: Battle scars

At the NEXTFEST field, the FIRST Ramp is really showing some serious battle scars and tire marks. The red side is worst.

That’s a far cry from the mint ramp at kickoff seen here. :yikes:

It adds character!!

(^reason our team won’t replace a bent front bar on the robot)

That’s pretty torn up! I know the one of the ones at VCU (can’t remember which color) had a gash about a quarter of an inch deep and something like an inch long in it. Unfortunately, we were the ones that put it there. Our trim adjustments got knocked mid match (which actually happened in two of our matches) and the driver didn’t realize it. So, when he got on the ramp the wheels on one side kept turning and melted the plastic.

I didn’t see the damage in question, but I know that one of the lexan sides to one ramp on the VCU/FL/GA/NYC/SC field was fractured at Peachtree and repaired with gaffer’s tape to keep the curve reasonably close to spec. You can see the damage here on the left-hand side of the ramp. By approximately 6:50 AM on the Friday of Palmetto, I can say with certainty that they had been replaced.

(What I want to know is what kind of hit it took to break that piece off!)