pic: BattleCry 9 is ready to go!

Taken at about 3am Friday morning (long long day of setup!)

Looks great guys! Packing the robot and getting ready to head up as I write this. :cool:

Looks awesome! Wish I could be there this year! :frowning:

Last year was awesome, but I was TERRIBLE at the trivia game! good at karaoke though!

Battlecry is one of the most visually stunning events of the season. I would venture to say that the competition WPI puts on is the most eye-appealing event all year.

The lighting is even greater in person.:eek:

Who does the lighting? It is quite an impressive setup. I wish regionals looked this amazing. Great job!

I believe it was done by WPI lights and lens, or something like that.:confused:

>WPI Light and Lens
Is correct – a student run lighting group.

Next year should be even better. Aren’t they starting renovations of the building next month (which is why BC is in May)?

The Boston Regional was pretty cool too.

Great things happening in Massachusetts.

The floor is getting an upgrade, which is why the event was early this year.

I must say, that venue can get really hot in the summer, it was really nice in Harrington this time of year!

Ken and Brad and all the volunteer staff did an excellent job once again at BattleCry9! It’s a great off-season to attend… thoroughly enjoyed it… Thank you for letting us host the NEMO workshops - we had a great conversation with about 25 attendees!

Not sure if it was ever done in the past, but I did notice the upper level windows above the field in the front of the building were covered with black sheets/tarps to enhance the lighting situation, so that probably made it a little cooler in there as well.

It was actually freezing in there in the morning.

We’ve been closing those curtains (they are indeed maroon curtains that are in the building) ever since we’ve been lighting the field. It’s done not for heat, but to keep sunlight from bleeding into the arena!

I loved the side-effect the blue lighting had on every team’s neon colored pneumatic tubing on the blue alliance when they were announcing alliances.

I’ll have to post a pic of a shot I took from my phone later tonight if I remember.