pic: Battlecry Champions

I just noticed that Team 176 is under Team 839’s driver station, Team 177 is under Team 176’s driver station, and Team 839 is under Team 177’s driver station. Good planning us!

you could tell we were all rediculously tired and hot. lol

Wow guys, i guess we do look a little tired. I just like to say thanks again for picking us! Oh and we’ll have to hang out outside of competition some time, and discuss next year… my people will have to talk to your people… even if i wont be around too much :frowning:

well the teams that won most definitly deserved it!!
i just wished we could have faced the winning alliance :frowning:

Jeezum Justin…wat did i tell you, even though u guna be up in the boondocks in Clarkson ur still guna talk w/ us!! lol :wink: We most certainly will have to hang out outside of competition…

…but yes a terrific win, but definently we look tired an hot. Well i guess it was the hard work an strategy that paid off once again! :smiley: See you around guys!

Wow…way to post a picture that I took…
total disrespect to copyright laws…psh