pic: BattleCry@WPI IV

The pits – well about 1/2 of it.

These are great photos of Battelcry… One of the things I observed all day was the lack of safety glasses… in the pit area, as this photo shows (and my team is guilty of it), but also in the playing field area. Even the FIRST people didn’t have safety glasses on when announcing, etc. And there were a lot of bin and robot parts flying around…

/me sees himself… And yes most of the time i did have safety glasses on.

Yeah Dave! Safety Glasses Save Lives!! That’s our team motto!

I must admit though that it was nice to be able to walk around without someone screaming at you for not having the glasses on. That really ruined the spirit at some competitions. Safety glasses is one of the smaller safety issues, it shouldn’t be focused on nearly as much as it is. (Though it is still important to wear them if your grinding, drilling, etc.)

Yeah I am guilty as charged as shown in the pic, I am the one with the yellow safety glasses on my head. Although I did have them on every time I went out to the field.