pic: BCR 294 New Logo

New logo created by one of our new members.

What do you guys think?

(And for those that don’t know, BCR = Beach Cities Robotics(=)

Took me a while to figure out what it was. But now that I see, I think its a pretty clever idea.

I agree w/ Hachiban that it took a little while to recognize it. I immediately saw the surfboard and the robot appendages, but it wasn’t until i saw the tracks in the sand that the full picture became clear. This could probably be fixed easily by making the shadow a profile view of the robot running. Personally, I think a simpler logo might work a little better, but I really like the theme.

Water game - is Dave Lavery, in fact, the “new member” who designed your cool new logo? :wink:

Dave, who?
nice logo btw

As soon as I saw it I knew what it was. A board almost in the waves. I don’t think it needs much change if any at all. Nice work.

Great graphics work!

One suggestion I have would be to add another footprint to the lower right corner.

It appears that this robot came out of nowhere when you look at how close the other footprints are.

On the topic of footprints, the robot currently looks like it has an irregular and improbable stride. To make it look more realistic, I would suggest alternating the footprints in a regular pattern like such:
Other than that, the graphic looks great.