pic: BCR294 Protoype 4-speed transmission plates

Here are the nearly (nearly because I left out the top two holes for standoffs on a pair of plates) finished transmission plates.

I made a mistake when I was making the list of material to order as I was hoping for a much cooler looking black, rather than a whitish-yellow that looks like a plastic version of chem-dyed aluminum.

Here’s a tip, you should be able to dye this material with RIT fabric dye, any color of your liking, and it comes out really cool looking. I would experiment on some scraps first though.

What kind of material is this?

It almost looks like HDPE.

I’d say its delrin…

is that going to be strong enough to hold your bearings and such? have you run it through COSMOS/Ansys? looks to be about 1/4" thick…


I’ll guess some form of nylon.

We used 1/4" delrin for our transmission plates this season. Worked perfectly. No signs of wear at all.

Nylon it is… we used the same material that 33 used (albeit it is a different color). I would’ve gone with delrin, but it was more expensive and 33 already successfully used this.

To be honest, I haven’t stress tested these; We tested most of the base, but I don’t really know what kind of loads to apply and teams have made similar transmissions with success before.