pic: BE 7 - Painted trackballs



NOW the team is psyched to play at BE7 today. Love it.:smiley:

But one question…where is the Mudkipz?:stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations BE7, you’ve won the award for most awesome trackballs. Seriously though, I want to shake the hands of the people who painted those. :smiley:

So where do you buy some of those babies. We need some trackballs =).

Just a few more hours away, can’t wait to get busy :slight_smile:

BTW bored much or did you guys just want to be unique :stuck_out_tongue: rofl

This will confuse teams haha

If those are the actual balls being used, I hope no one has a vision system that identifies the balls, or it might not work well with these. :confused:

Gah… @%#$ blue shell! How many teams did it get?


haha, the blue blastoise (sp) shell actually helped my drivers XD we were aiming to level our lift to the height of the opening in the shell.

Thanks 25 for putting on such an awesome event once again.:slight_smile:

I can honestly say that those ball shells don’t look much like that anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

now i am even more angry that i had to work. =(

very nice job painting those, they must have taken forever. but just one question…


hmmm the real question at hand here is why not?

for fun- you know- fun ; )

maybe this years game is going to involve blastoise? or a pokemon of sort.

like Squirtle- hey another water game clue… wait a minute- we know nothing…or do we?

oooo you knew you guys were in good. but share the wealth. But i am glad to hear that yesturday went good.

no weighted companion sphere? geeze guys…

Hey! I’m still trying to get over the loss of my weighted companion cube, let alone a weighted companion sphere. I don’t know if i can handle losing another object like that. :yikes:

I don’t care what you guys say that was a squirtle :D… I’ve said it since the pic has been put up. It looks nothing like a koopa shell rofl. It’s missing the koopa spikes :smiley: to be considered Mario related :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe next year will not be a Water or Pokemon game but a Pokemon and Mario Bros. co-opertition game :ahh:


The biggest pain was accidentally getting caught by the Poke-ball. I had to wait almost an hour for someone to let me out! Thank You Mike.