pic: Beach 'Bot 2007 View 1

wow…this machine is going to do well…any specs?

  • 6 Wheel Drive
  • 2 Speed Transmissions
  • 2 fisher price driven arm
  • Pneumatic activated gripper
  • 4’ High
  • 2 12" Ramps

Ramps deployed using centrifugal force and 2 banebots motors(1 per ramp).
Also, the drivetrain is powered by 4 CIM motors

Post any other questions you may have about our new robot here.


Okay. I understand building a second robot… but why did you paint it and make bumpers for it?

…Unless that robot on the left isn’t built for this year’s game.

Looks great. I wish we could build two robots within the 6 weeks.

looking good, LA’s going to be fun.

Thanks! It did take a lot of work…I still can’t believe we actually finished both in six weeks.

The bumpers we stole from our 2006 robot so we could practice defending the real one without damaging it. The arm on the practice bot is a spare for the real one in case it breaks which is is why we painted it. (It is made of fiber glass.)

[edit]Beat me to it

The practice bot was amazing at the scrimmage, I bet the real thing will be even better…

LA is looking amazing.

Here are a few videos of us dropping our ramps.

Hopefully we will also add some videos of us hanging some tubes too.

Did you find it difficult to stay in the end zone while doing your “spin-drop”?

Well, we had a 3/4 field set up and we had the home zone taped off and we were able to drop the ramps and stay in the home zone. We just had to make more subtle movements so that we did not cross the home zone line. But it really doesn’t take much to get the ramps to fully extend.

Looks awesome guys, It was really great to actually see one of your bots a few years back when we went against you in LA, I was on a different team 314, but man I aways like your guys bot, GOOD JOB

couple of good bots coming to LA so ready for tomorrow

After removing one ramp on Thursday to make weight, we made some slight mods and put it back on. Then we started deploying it in matches–only to have no robots climb until the semis. Then 254 and 4 started appearing on the corrugated plastic, and in one match, 254 somehow held onto one ramp at 4" off the ground. (We actually did get both up at once one time. That was amazing.)

Nice. Are there closeup pics of your arm/grabber anywhere?

just make sure that the arm doesn’t go over the alliance station. they called that at vcu.

I don’t know for sure, but at LA it looked like it would be rather difficult for the arm to go over the station.

You guys were awesome at LA, see you in San diego and Atlanta.

it’s not that hard. the arm only has to go up over 6.5 feet in the air.

Actually, our arm can go over the wall. Or at least cross the line. But fortunately we can pick up off the ground and do not need to use the wall loading method.

I’ve posted another picture here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/27675?

Hope that is what you were looking for.