pic: Beach Bot Hanging

Early in a qualifying match at the So Cal regional.

An incredible, reliable, spectacle every time.

At least when we don’t accidentally try to run over our partner during autonomous mode :ahh:

You still hung before anyone else in that match, it just took a minute, rather then being done 10 seconds after autonomous was over.

We faced Beach Bot in one of our qualifying matches. Beach Bot got up to the bar very quick, but we were very lucky that our alliance, 851 (Froggers) got under them an actually hit them off of the bar. It was amazing. The Beach Bot was definitely a formidable opponent, and it was great to see them do so well in the finals.

nice…lots of room under it

That’s a down side of hanging real high on the bar. All another robot has to do is drive under you and pick you up slightly (if even that) and take you off the bar. Alot can happen when you have the possibility of four robots fighting for the bar.

My understanding of what happened is that we decided that, in order to maximize Q points, we would allow the Froggers’ 'bot on the bar. We tried to move over on the bar to give them room, but they grabbed the bar before we were ready, and came up under us, lifting us off the bar. (That’s a mistake we won’t make again.:o)

We are, actually, able to lock onto the bar. When we raise all the way up (i.e. the lift is fully retracted) the chin-up bar is captive between the hook and the top of the lift, and we can not be lifted off.

That’s a nice sounding mechanism. You guys had a really great bot this year. BTW, what did you use to shimmy the bot across the bar?

It looks something like the attached cross section (MSPaint) drawing. The trolley wheel is made out of aluminum, and is driven by a van door motor.