pic: Beach Cities Robotics Demonstration & Practice Bot

I’m like the color scheme…

Howd’ you do it? dissemble and spray paint?

I like it! Great use of a four-bar, though it looks kinda familiar to 3495’s 07 FVC bot…


Thanks Adam. After months of building and rebuilding, I arrived with the final design. I then disassembled the whole thing, spray painted it and reassembled it. The whole painting process took about 3 weeks - with Northrop’s open house right in the middle of it.

interesting design, but i have a question: is this guy FIRST legal? for some reason i thought we could only use one controller on the bot, or did i just make that up? Awesome work!

that is a picture from the “build phase” just before leaving for Atlanta, I think the programming was not done yet, so they just had two controllers on it tuntil they could get around to that work…here’s a picture from the “post competition phase” just before taking it apart and heading home.

notice that it only has one controller, and two receivers.

bots like these show the true power of the VEX system: taking simple parts and imagination and turning them into awesome little bots. I’m very impressed. Thanks for the clarification!