pic: Beam Bending Example

i put equal weight in each place but in differing directions…like you said the two going up are equal to the one going down all forces are equal to 200 lbs.

I also did a different one with the exact same force and placement as you and it still worked out. ( like the one you started off with )

So from looking at the previous images I think we can safely conclude that

  1. Taking weight out of the sides of a beam is preferable to taking it out of the top and bottom (where load is applied is top).
  2. A taller beam carries a load with lower stress and deflection than a wider beam, so if you need to make ‘it’ stronger make it taller.

New images, just for squirrel

2" x 2" aluminum channel open to bottom
1/8" wall
1000 lbf uniform load
2.674 lbm
20318 psi max stress - Gee, why is that so much higher than the others? :rolleyes:
.243 in max deflection